FDA US recalls 8 top dog food brands for potentially toxic levels of vitamin D

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced a recall of the various types of dry dog foods from the 8 various leading brands. All of them are mainly for over concerns of potentially vitamin D toxic levels in the dog’s body. FDA is giving an alert to the veterinary professionals and also the pet owners about the recalls of the different brands of the dry dog foods which are all getting the several complaints which dogs eating such food got the vitamin D toxicity.
Important considerations about 8 top dry dog foods:
Even though vitamin D is the most significant nutrient for the dogs, consuming huge amount of the vitamin D will cause the kidney failure and also sometimes death in the pets. The FDA reported that the tested samples of such recalled foods had the extensive toxic amounts of the vitamin D. Such pet food brads which will affect the dog’s health with the increased amount of vitamin D include,
 Nutrisca – It is actually the chicken & chickpea dry food for the dogs containing more amounts of vitamin D.
 Natural Life Pet Products – This pet food is the chicken and potato dry dog food having toxic amount of vitamin D.
 Sunshine Mills, Inc. – This dog food has been in fact prepared using the chicken and rice for making the dry foods for all puppies.
 ELM Pet Foods, Inc. – This brand includes chicken and rice recipe to prepare the dry dog food.
 Ahold Delhaize – This particular dry dog food is the most suitable choice for the large breed dogs.
 ANF, Inc. – This dry food for the dogs will be prepared using the ANF lamb and rice.
 Lidl – It is the Orlando based dog dry food brand provide the grain free chicken and chickpea superfood recipe for all types of puppies.
 Kroger – This brand of the dry dog food is a bound of brown rice and also the chicken recipe.
Other important considerations:
If you are a pet owner or you are a pet care professional currently feeding your puppies or dogs with any one of the above mentioned list, you have to switch your dog food immediately to go for another option. When your dog has the symptoms of the excess vitamin D toxicity, it is highly recommended to immediately take it to the veterinary hospital in order to get the best level of treatment. The various symptoms of the vitamin D toxicity usually include,
 Loss of appetite
 Vomiting
 Increased urination
 Increased thirst
 Excessive drooling
 Excessive weight loss
The American Food & Drug Administration (FDA) told that the same brands of the dog foods listed above may be recalled for the same problem in the future. Before choosing the best choice of the dog food, every pet owner should be very careful in reading such kinds of reviews and suggestions given by the FDA and make a right selection to feed your dogs.

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